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Pregnancy diagnosis

Ultrasound can assist to diagnose pregnancy, determine gestational age and estimated time to parturition. We can count the number of foetuses, however, when there are more than 4 ultrasound is not as accurate and in…

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Ocular ultrasound

There are 3 primary methods for imaging the globe, directly on the cornea, through the eyelid, or imaging through a water bath over the globe. We tend to image through the eyelid most of the…

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Thoracic scans

Using ultrasound to image the thorax gives the clinician several advantages over using traditional radiographic imaging. Lung consolidation, lung tumours or mediastinal tumours can be assessed. Ultrasound examination of the pleural cavity is also more…

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Neck scans

The ventral cervical region is anatomically complex. We performed neck ultrasound to evaluate the gross anatomy of the neck but also small structures like thyroid and parathyroid glands. The animal is positioned in dorsal recumbency…

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Abdominal ultrasound

A non-invasive and efficient way to examine the abdominal organs. The images reveal details like the architecture and echogenicity which give us a clear insight into disease processes and help the clinician to reach a…

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Sampling and centesis

We perform fine needle aspirates, true-cut biopsies, cystocentesis, thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis, cystocentesis, and chole cystocentesis.

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