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We are proud to offer:

Abdominal Ultrasound

A non-invasive and efficient way to examine the abdominal organs.
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A non-invasive technique to evaluate the anatomy and function of the heart.
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Thoracic scans

Ultrasound gives the clinician several advantages over using traditional radiographic imaging.
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Neck scans

The ventral cervical region is anatomically complex.
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Ocular ultrasound

We tend to image through the eyelid most of the time as we feel patients tolerate it better.
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Pregnancy diagnosis

Ultrasound can assist to diagnose pregnancy and estimate time to parturition.
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Meet our Consultants

Hannah Cozens (Veterinary Receptionist)

Veterinary Receptionist and proud mum to Luella and Lucky

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Dr. Phoebe Nunn

Veterinarian & Undergoing training in clinical sonography
Proud mother of Dudley and Bruce

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Dr. Veronica Damian

Veterinarian & Clinical sonographer
She has a lovely cat "Mateo"

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Dr. Priscilla Foong

Veterinarian & Clinical Sonographer
She has two cats: "Colours" and "Destiny"

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Dr. Pia Hayat

Veterinarian & Clinical Sonographer
Proud mother of Popeye

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Divina Moodley

Veterinary Nursing
Loves her Boxer "Bronson"

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Roslyn Navarro

Veterinary Nurse & Receptionist
Mother of 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 kids

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